The Blessing of the Bikes

Several of the regular attendees of Beltane on the Beach started riding their motorcycles to the event each year… Click to read more


The Annual Torch Race

Held every year for more than a decade, the Torch Race is open to everyone. Young or old… Click to read more


Community Potluck Lunch

One of our favorite Beltane traditions is the community potluck lunch. Bring a dish to share… Click to read more

The Ritual

The central focus of our Beltane on the Beach celebrations, the Ritual takes place on the beach, and is always a favorite. Click to read more.

The Dancing of the Poles

Immediately following the ritual, the dancing of the poles also takes on the beach. There are between six and nine poles, depending on attendance. Click to read more

The Druidic Gorsedd

We invite the Pagan community to join in the annual Beltane on the Beach Gorsedd – a coming together of modern-day bards. Click to read more


Hand Fastings, Blood Rites, and More!

There are always several ancillary events that occur on Popham Beach at Beltane. It is a great opportunity to hold a Hand-Fasting or other ritual, on a day when most of the Maine Pagan community is going to be around anyway. This has become a popular tradition, and always adds interest and excitement to the day.

If you have an event you are planning to hold during Beltane on the Beach, please click here to use our contact form and let us know. If you have an exact time, we will be happy to add it to the schedule of events for the day.

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