Sunday, May 5th 2024

After a break in 2023 when we held our event at Crescent Beach State Park, we plan to be back at Popham Beach State Park again for 2024.

Check out our Facebook Page!

We have created a new Facebook page (not an “Event”) that will be our permanent home on FB. You can visit and like our page to keep updated on all the happenings throughout the year that affect Beltane on the Beach!

Check out the Schedule of Events here!

Volunteers Needed!

This year, we are going back to the Potluck Lunch plan that worked for us for many years! Click here for more information!

We need volunteers for various things throughout the day – setup, clean-up, the Potluck Lunch, helping with the various events – there is plenty to do. If you are interested in pitching in, use our contact form to let us know!

Check-in when you arrive

Stop by the Welcome Tent near the entrance – there you can find the Treasure Table and a name badge station with colorful badges.

Visit the Red Tent!

The Temple of the Feminine Divine will be hosting the Red Tent this year. Back by popular demand! Click here to visit the Schedule page to see what else is going on.

Remember Your Beach Gear

Don’t forget to bring everything you will need for a day of fun at the beach. Sun screen, blankets and Frisbee’s are good. Want to build a sand-castle? Popham is great for that! Bring your buckets and shovels and any other fun beach activities. And remember to bring your drum and join in the drumming!

Please leave your kites at home however, as Popham Beach is a protected sanctuary for nesting sea birds of various types, and the kites make them very upset. The Park officials have asked us specifically NOT to fly kites during our event.

As far as clothing is concerned, remember it can sometimes be windy and a bit cold on Popham Beach, so layers are key.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints…

Please remember that we are guests on Popham Beach, and we take that responsibility seriously! Please bring a trash bag (shop-n-save bag, or any old plastic or paper bag will do) and make sure you do not leave any trash or debris behind. There are trash-cans near the bathrooms and in the parking lot. Also remember that it is illegal to remove anything from the beach, so the driftwood and seashells will have to stay behind – sorry.

Getting There

If you haven’t been before, or are not sure exactly how to find Popham Beach, you can click here to go to our Directions page, complete with traditional directions, and the address to use for your GPS.

Do you or your group want to do more?

If you or your organization are interested in volunteering at Beltane on the Beach, we are always happy to accept help. 🙂 We will need volunteers to set up and manage the pot-luck lunch, to help set up and run the Maypoles, and to help clean up and comb the beach when we are all done. If you would like to pitch-in, just click here to go to our contact page, and tell us more about how you would like to help. Thanks!

The Treasure Table Is Back!

The Treasure Table will be available again this year at the Welcome Tent! Bring your gently-used Pagan or Pagan-themed treasures that you wish to pass along. You needn’t bring anything to take something home if you find an item you like.

Clean-Up Volunteers Needed!

As always, we will try very hard this year to “take only pictures, and leave only footprints”. With several hundred people converging on Popham Beach, there will be a lot of leftover “stuff” that will need to be cleaned up. Most importantly we ask everyone to police their own area, and make sure you collect any trash or other debris left over from mealtime etc.

We are also asking for volunteers who will agree to stay until at least the end (around 5:00pm) to help ensure that nothing has been left behind. We want to make sure that we will be welcomed back next year!