Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

The schedule will be constantly updated as Beltane draws closer, so check back often!


Here is the schedule from the 2019 Beltane on the Beach!

9:00am                Park Opens

11:30am              Blessing of the Bikes (in the Parking lot near the upper green)

12:00pm              Annual MPCA Meeting (Maine Pagan Clergy Association)

12:00pm              Lunch – Potluck (at the picnic tables on the upper green)

12:25pm             HIGH Tide

1:00pm               Druidic Gorsedd (gather on the upper green)

2:00pm               Annual Torch Race (on the beach)

2:30pm                RITUAL – Followed by the May Poles. (On the beach)

3:30pm-ish         E.P.N. (The Earthtides Pagan Network) will holding a meet-and-greet                                        immediately following the maypoles.

5:00pm                Park Closes

6:17pm               LOW Tide

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