Bless this steed
And rider too
Keep both safe in all they do

Bless this steed
Ride far and true
Through rain or hardship see them through

Several of the regular attendees of Beltane on the Beach started riding their motorcycles to the event each year.

This soon naturally evolved into a desire to gather together with other bikers and hold the pagan equivalent of the traditional “Blessing of the Bikes” that the Christians have done forever.

And so, if you ride a motorcycle, you are invited to join us again this year. Bring your bike to Popham Beach. If the weather is not conducive to riding (as often is the case, this is Maine after all, right?) then bring your leather, or your helmet, or your keys – anything that represents the bike to you.

We will perform a Pagan Blessing upon all riders and their rides. Asking the Gods to keep us all safe and dry during the coming riding season. SO MOTE IT BE!

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